Why PagesHalal ?

PagesHalal aimes to
  • Help person of Moslem confession to find more easily his need halal such as restaurant, meat and halal caterer.

  • Bring closer the actors of Halal market (Halal caterer, commercant, butcher's shop, etc.).

  • Make reliable the Halal market, indeed certain studies estimate that a great percentage of the Halal meat sold in France is unfortunately not halal. PagesHalal aims to help to make reliable this market while bringing the maximum of information on the trade which are registred in this directory. For that, for each trade concerned (butchery, restaurant, etc) we print, if this last is controlled, the logo of the organization which controls it.In addition to this PagesHalal creates the concept of trust rate called Degree of Confidence (DC), an innovating mechanism which makes it possible to sort trade (butcheries, restaurants, etc) by order of confidence we affect to it.

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