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Exclusive - To the discovery of the Holy al Aqsa Mosque

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Al Aqsa mosque is the third largest mosque in the world.

-Al Aqsa mosque
-Surface area of 144,000 sqm
-Surface area equivalent to 17% of the old fortified city
-Capacity to accommodate 500,000 worshipers
-Al Aqsa mosque was before 1995 the largest mosque in the world
-During years 1950-1960, Masjid Al Haram in Mecca and Masjid Nabawi in Madina have been extended
-Al Aqsa mosque surface area looks like an irregular polygon
-West side length is 491m, east side is 462m, north side 310m and south side is 281m
-Currently we are in the heart of Al Aqsa

•Masjid Al Haram surface area: 400,800 sqm
•Masjid Nabawi surface area: 235,000 sqm
•Masjid Al Aqsa surface area: 144,000 sqm

-Al Aqsa mosque is unique in the world, by its quadrilateral shape and as well by its elements and outbuildings.
-It is the second mosque built on Earth after Masjid Al Haram in Mecca.
-Al Aqsa is the place of the Ascent (Al Miraj) of our beloved Prophet Muhammad.
-This mosque has a great religious importance in Islam.
-It is then very important to remind that geographical limits of Al Aqsa mosque didn’t change throughout centuries.
-Indeed, Al Aqsa mosque has never had any extension since it has been built on Earth. 
-In its heart, more than two hundred edifices: fountains, trees, domes, lodges, schools, basins, minarets, doors, wells and librairy
-The esplanade has also to be mentioned as it is an integral part of Al Aqsa mosque.
-The Dome of the Rock (Qubat Sakhra), is located in the heart of Al Aqsa.
-Masjid Al Qibli (The Dome of Lead) is also part of Al Aqsa. It is located on the south, on Qibla side.
-Masjid Al Qibli is one part of Al Aqsa, and it is often wrongly taken for being Al Aqsa on its own


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