How do I do to change language?

Go to Home page and select a language from the list on the right of search zone.


Is it possible to make a link to pageshalal from my site?

Yes, you can freely do it.



Is the gelatin halal or haram ?

The gelatin is a product obtained by hydrolysis from the skin or bones of animals. The code of the gelatin (or number E) is E441. The gelatin is Haram if the skin or the used bones result from a pig or from an animal not brings down according to the Muslim rite. The gelatin is Halal if it is obtained from element from a licit animal and brings down according to the Muslim rite. A big part of the gelatin used in the industry .


How guaranteed PagesHalal that the meat is halal?

PagesHalal is not a body of control of meat halal, but a phone book of the professional of the hallal. PagesHalal makes a lot of effort to verify that the present premises in our base are effectively halal. However we cannot substitute themselves for certification bodies and guarantee that the businesses present in our phone book are 100 % halal.


Is the chicken KFC halal?

We contacted KFC France, who clarified us that their supplier passed on to them the certificates Halal which are at measure on inquiry in all the restaurants KFC. We advise you to ask for the presentation of this certificate every faith that you visit one new restoring KFC.


Is the lécithine of soya halal?

The lécithine of soya is a purely natural constituent extracted from the soya. Its number E is E322.


Are the emulsifiers halal?

An emulsifier is a natural or chemical agent who allows to stabilize the mixture of two liquids which do not mix as for example the water and the oil. The addition of an emulsifier returns this possible mixture. In the scale(ladder) industrialist the lécithine of soya ( E322) is very used to stabilize certain cakes or chocolates. Mono and di-glycérides of food fatty acids (E471, E472) is emulsifiers which can be of origin



Which are the activities which I can found in pageshalal?

You find in PagesHalal dictionary activity of the halal such as butchery, restaurants, Islamic associations,etc.


What is it the logo which appears in the high corner right-hand side of the information zone?

If an entry is controlled by a certification organization, we print the logo of this last for informing the users


I am owner of a controlled trade, but the logo does not appear when my commerce is selected?

Let us know it, we correct it after checking near the organization which controls you. To contact us, you could find all information on the contact page.


What's the square which appears on the left logo of certification organization?

It is the trust rate (or degree of confidence ) which pageshalal attribute with certain concerned trade (butcheries, restaurants, etc).


How research's results are they classified?

Results are sorted by trust rate, the trade which have a higher trust rate (DC) thus come first.


I am owner of a trade which has a trust rate that I consider not correct. what I have to do to correct this?

Contact us and tell us more about your trade. we will modify your trust rate if we estimate that it is necessary. Note that you have not to pay for this operation. Also note that the modification decision belongs exclusively to PagesHalal.

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