Halal Capital Markets

25-28 October 2010, London - United Kingdom

This is the first ever Halal capital markets conference being held to address such a vibrant and potent market sector !

We have seen many investment trends come and go - from biotech to the internet, from emerging markets to BRIC countries and now into commodities. However, here is a sector which will dominate world markets for a significant time to come and which will be sustainable.

Given a world Muslim population of around 1.6 billion people and a market turnover in the Halal sector to soon surpass US $ 1 trillion the industry has enormous potential. Such a dynamic sector is attracting more and more non-Muslim/Islamic investors showing interest in Sharia-compliant investment products.

Investment allocation to date has been predominantly in the construction sector – housing & commercial, and the majority of Islamic private equity has been invested in property, infrastructure projects, macro enterprises and ETFs. Islamic financing has failed the Small and Medium Enterprises sector entirely.

The Macro and Micro enterprises sector both in the non Muslim countries and Muslim countries contribute a significant proportion to this trillion dollar industry. This is the key supply chain to about 85% of the total trillion dollar Halal market.

The key focus of the conference will be on investment and investment related opportunities which mainstream investment institutions and professionals can offer to the development of the Halal sector, namely to UK, EU, other non Muslim countries and 57 Islamic countries. Key players from both sectors can now explore opportunities to build cross border relationships with governmental agencies and the private sector.

Objective and goals of the conference:

*Bridging the knowledge gap of both the Investment sector and the Halal sector
*Exploring Investment opportunities in UK, EU and 57 OIC countries
*Exploring Cross border Trade opportunities
*Establishing a network between the Halal community, the investment and commercial community

Key Topics: Private equity landscape in the context of Halal which has established itself as one of the most profitable emerging investment markets. How the Halal market has grown - and why? Which investment vehicles can support this market, Promising sector for high growth in the future. Doing Business in Halal & its context in the macroeconomic picture. Current economic trends in global markets and Halal






Reservation/ Information :

  • Adresse : LONDON VENUE, Brompton Hall, Earls Court Conference Center, London - United Kingdom
  • Phone :+442073776454
  • E-mail :enquiries@halalcapitalmarkets.com
  • Web Site :http://www.halalcapitalmarkets.com/


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